Desert Activity

one night camel trekking

About camel ride in merzouga one night in desert we have two different camps ,
1, Standar tent with shared bathroom with others ,
2. Luxury tent with private shower and bathroom
and the tour start from merzouga to sepend night in desert camp ,Start around 15:00 PM in winter time and summer time around 19:00 PM Ride a camel into the Moroccan desert on an overnight trip from Merzouga, and sleep beneath Saharan stars

We organize camel trekking from Merzouga village to the desert in Erg Chebbi. The trek will start with a 1 hour and 30 minute ride by camel into the desert. We will spend the night in an equipped camp with music played on traditional Berber drums in the middle of the Sahara.and before we arrive at the camp, we stop in sand dunes to watch the sunset. This is a great opportunity to take lovely pictures of the sunset and sunrise. During this evening, there will be a wonderful dinner around a camp-fire, listen to the drums and we will spend the night in desert camp . In the morning, we walk from the camp to sand dunes to whatch sunrire and we will ride the camels back to Merzouga,there you will have the breakfast and shower in the guest house in Merzouga.

Camel desert excursions start from Merzouga around 15:00 PM in winter time .from our Hotel in Merzouga near of sand dunes to spend two in desert camp .you have 1 H30 to the Camp .before you arrive ther you will stop to watching sunset and continue walking to the camp where you will spend night .you have private with dinner and some berber Music .

next day after sunris you take breakfast .then continue with camels to visite nomade people and you wil have lunch there with them. BERBER PIZZA
then afternon.take camel more time back to camp and take sandboarding to sand there to watch sunset and back to spend last night .
next day after sunris comnig back with camels to Merzouha village there you wil have shower and breakfast


What's Included

Camel ride from Merzouga hotel
Overnight in Sahara camp
Experienced Merzouga local guide
Dinner and breakfast

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